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Jessica Alba works that booty in workout clothes

01.18.2016by: Droz

One thing that's certain to brighten up my day is the chance to check out Jessica Alba's ass - truly one of the great butts that ever was. What's even more interesting about it is how accessable it is. You wouldn't think such a hot woman with that legendary body could ever be approached on some random LA sidewalk while she's feeding a meter or picking up the dry cleaning. It's even more surprising that you can take that a step further and check out Jessica on a street corner while she's wearing a set of skin tight leggings that perfectly forms around said sweet ass. One would think Jessica would have that ass insured like mad, forcing her to wear some kind of protective case around her body that forbids anyone but spouses and paid photographers from having access to her intoxicating proportions. It's almost as though we're living in a free society, where perfect butts are viewable to all. God bless America.

Source: NSFW


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