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Jessica Alba wears the hell out of some sweater dresses in The Edit

11.20.2015by: Cherry Liquor

When your primary career centers around you being a hot woman whose level of talent in negotiable when it comes to booking roles and raking in top-dollar paychecks, of course you're going to bump into some sexism walls when you want to be a business magnate. Jessica Alba is talking about some of the troubles she's come up against as the CEO for The Honest Company, valued at nearly $2 billion this year, in the December 2015 issue of The Edit. "You feel like a lone wolf surrounded by men who have done it all before," Jess laments, explaining that she didn't have much of a support system either. "Certainly people in Hollywood underestimated me. They absolutely, 100 percent thought I was nuts.It p***** me off! But as a woman, as an actress, I’ve dealt with that before. I've dealt with people undermining me; I've dealt with people thinking that I would do anything to get ahead and be successful." 

Racy photoshoots and no-nudity stripper roles aside, Alba feels justified in rebuffing those people's assumptions. "I was never that girl. I never dated people to be successful, I never compromised myself, or my beliefs, or my values to get ahead. And you know, in a weird way, I liked it when they didn't believe in me. It fueled me." And even with The Honest Company constantly at war over their production practices (many of their products are made in Asian countries under sweatshop conditions) and quality control issues (several controversial customer complaints were lodged regarding their sunscreen), the woman definitely has proven her detractors wrong as she continues to rake in the dough.

Source: Daily Mail


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