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Jessica Alba tops the charts at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards

05.23.2016by: No Cool Handle

Is there anything that can be said about Jessica Alba that hasn't been said a million times over? Well, when she keeps showing up to high profile events like the 2016 Billboard Music Awards in creative, fantasy attire such as this, I can think of a few things to say. Off the top of my head: Dayum, Holy f **k, and just plain, wow! These are the kind of photos you'd get if you composited a tween, a Geisha and a high-end prostitute (it's the "Pretty Woman" boots) on top of each other. A curious union; don't you think? – but one that's extremely effective in stimulating sensitive appendages. Sure, she isn't showing much skin but that's completely unnecessary; when it came time to bed this sexy entrepreneur down, you wouldn't remove one stitch of that clothing – that's the whole appeal. There's hardly a heterosexual male or homosexual female who aren't turned on by a pair of thigh high f**k-me-boots, especially when it's the illustrious Jessica Alba sporting them. As usual, Alba continues to innovate; offering seemingly endless variations of sexiness and fantasy inspiring ways to present herself. She bows to no one.

Source: Got Celeb


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