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Jessica Alba should be the official state hottie of Hawaii

01.03.2017by: No Cool Handle

They say when you go somewhere you should leave something behind; in Jessica Alba's case, she left behind this set of images from her Hawaiian vacation. I'd be curious to know if the island state enjoys an uptick in tourism when Ms. Alba is spotted on their coastal shorelines – every time her itinerary becomes public knowledge, I check plane ticket prices on Expedia. You'd be hard-pressed to recruit any other hottie to best represent a bikini destination like Hawaii. Imagine stepping off the plane and seeing one of Jessica's famous photos – the one where she crawls around on all fours in a bikini – printed on a giant billboard with 'Welcome to the Aloha State' printed across the top; add to that an erupting volcano for a not-so-subtle use of symbolism. Those meet and greet hula girls won't be hanging lays around the neck's of passengers, they'll be hanging them off all of their pitched tents.

Source: NS4W


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