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Jessica Alba rubs her beautiful elbows with fellow richies at store opening

12.22.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Every so often I wonder what it must be like to live in a world with means unlimited enough to have chance encounters with famous people. All I keep thinking is that if I were that rich, I don't know if I would take time out of my day to visit luxury French bakeries, although I suppose I could be persuaded to if Jessica Alba was there. And if I were rich enough to be there, I might even be graced with uncomfortable looking group photos, where Alba seemed to be doing her famous rich lady duty and not particularly enjoying herself. I think we can all agree that while we daydream about being rich enough to rub elbows with Jessica Alba, Jessica Alba daydreams about spending her life in a bikini, lounging in the sun and showing off her perfect body while people take her picture and she pretends to be annoyed. Because she sure as shit isn't wishing she could trade places with us Schmoes and slurp up 20 cent ramen.
Source: Daily Mail


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