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Jessica Alba rocks big hair and boobs on a night at the club

05.01.2017by: No Cool Handle

Your average Jessica Alba sighting usually consists of this smoking hot family woman running around in a bikini while vacationing with her brood. The second most common situation involves her  professional persona, the smoking hot business woman, sipping a latte while on her way into The Honest Company, where she oversees a billion-dollar empire. This past Friday, however, the ever sexy Alba was spotted without a child by her side, a coffee in hand or her well-kept husband anywhere in sight; it was mommy's night out, and Jessica took this opportunity to whip out the big hair and boobs. I'm sure The Peppermint Club – a chic lounge found in West Hollywood – doesn't admit anyone and under the age of 21, even if they're the offspring of a world-renowned hottie like the great Jessica Alba. I won't go into how f**king sexy she looks without any kind of support system aiding her boobs; that truism is made obvious in this collection of pics.

Source: NS4W


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