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Jessica Alba puts only natural products into her bikinis

03.22.2016by: Droz

You think it's a coincidence that whenever Jessica Alba's so-called Honest Company gets into a little hot water, suddenly out come the bikinis? It's one of the better methods to smoothing over public ire I've seen. This latest controversy arises from her company's claims their detergent is free of various harsh chemicals. Turns out this may not be the case. Whatever the truth on this is, people looking to blow the lid off this story are missing the bigger picture. Okay, so her detergent may have a not-so-nice chemical in it. So what? We're surrounded by shit with nasty chemicals all day, every day. We consume nasty chemicals, we breathe them, we sleep on them. You can't get away from that shit. Hell, they flush out your veins with nasty chemicals after you die. Live with it. You gotta die of something. Don't waste your time bitching about the death-dealing soap in your closet. Focus on the good things in life, like Jessica walking down beaches in a bikini. Now there's something to live for.

Source: NSFW


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