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Jessica Alba makes mommy jeans look hot

02.03.2016by: Droz

One thing you can't forget when the latest hot Jessica Alba magazine spread or whatever comes out, is that being a hottie is now just a part time job for her. Jess's main gig is being a mom to two kids. Knowing that, it makes sense that she'd be helping to produce a line of mommy jeans for the DL1961 brand. A couple of these could probably pass for regular, anyone jeans, but that last pair - those have play date at the sandbox or weekend yard work written all over them. It's natural for hotties to turn into and moms and start dressing appropriately. It sure would be nice if they could all do so like Jessica has and basically look the same while getting that biological need for procreation out of the way. Then again, that might not be a good idea. I'm not sure I could have tolerated the prospect of my friends beating off to my mom. Poor Honor and Haven. That's going to follow them around for their whole scholastic career and beyond. Good thing Jessica has all that CEO cash. She's gonna need it to pay for their shrink bills.

Source: NSFW


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