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Jessica Alba brings even more bikini hotness, now with some sexy pineapple

07.20.2016by: Droz

It's the unique times we live in where you can check out the pics of Jessica Alba doing her bikini thing on a Hawaiian beach. Then go check out her Snapchat and watch the same situation from her perspective as she films beautiful Hawaii vistas with her crotch in the foreground.

Too bad we can't look at more things while accompanied by Jessica's holy of holies. She just can't seem to lay off those bikinis and the bright, Hawaiian sunshine I'm happy to say. I think she should move there. That way it would be a bikini time, all the time. Just imagine the possibilities. Each morning a new set of pics of Jessica in a bikini. Sounds like great job security for us. We'd have to start a new feature - Your Daily Alba Bikini Break. The world's hottest body all day, every day. Paradise.

Source: Superior Pics


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