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Jessica Alba keeps it modest for her first holiday swimsuit show

12.28.2016by: Droz

Speaking of beachwear vacation moments, enter Jessica Alba and her first swimsuit of the holiday season. You might know by now that Jess is famous for her holiday beach vacations, where she rings in the new year by spending her time wading in super hot bikinis. This isn't the hottest swimwear she's ever worn for those purposes, but it does a decent job of highlighting her precious ass. Curious why she seems to have an excess of hats while doing her typical wading, but I'm sure there's an explanation just out of context.

Now that I'm musing on curiosities with Jessica, I wonder why she never seems to go out further than thigh deep water when doing these little beach wades. Could it be she shares my trepidation over deep bodies of water? This is the feeling of mortal terror you get in a really deep pool of water when the realization comes to you that you're totally helpless against anything that might be lurking beneath you. I hate that feeling, which is one reason I stay away from large bodies of water. That and my desire not to sicken any other beach goers by making them look at my pale ass in swim trunks. Hey, we can't all rock the beachwear as well as Jessica.

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