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Jessica Alba is the sexiest business woman breathing

02.05.2016by: No Cool Handle

A quick Cosmopolitan headline regarding Jessica Alba's view on women in business

Jessica Alba: "Girls Should Have an Equal Seat at the Table"

When the woman in question is as sexy as Alba, she can sit anywhere she damn well pleases. If all the seats are full, I'm sure any guy would be more than willing to let her sit on his lap ... or face. Looking at her current spread; it's striking how youthful and just overall gorgeous she still is in spite of her busy (wife, mother and business mogul), balancing act. I'm always so quick to indulge the dirty stuff when I look at her, I hardly ever take a moment to consider how admirable her gung ho ambition is. Women as fine as her could ride that advantage [stunning beauty] out for the majority of their life - not Alba. She's apt to use her mind and business prowess over her sex appeal. It's best when the two intersect, though. Like these pics of her in outfits that reek of both savvy boardroom babe and pole dancer - that's a deadly combination.

Source: Cosmo


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