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Jessica Alba is in top physical form for Shape Magazine

09.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

As you'll see from the behind-the-scenes video, Shape magazine appropriately photographed Jessica Alba in a variety of shape-defining swimwear. Why then are all of the chosen photos close-ups of her face? The only shot with her awesome form in frame is the cover photo; what was the thinking there? Are they milking the issue by releasing all of that bikini bottom goodness later? I suppose since there is a video – which is infinitely hotter than the resulting photos – it doesn't matter much. I would've liked to see some high-resolution stills of those well defined thigh muscles and tight tummy of hers, though. In her accompanying interview, the world's hottest entrepreneur says, "I love my shape because it does what I want it to." Based on that, she should show a little love for her central nervous system as well. Without a sufficient way to transport signals from the mind to the body, that shape wouldn't do anything she wanted it to – but I digress. This newly released bit of sexiness (the photos and the video) offers plenty of stimulus.

Source: Shape


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