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Jessica Alba had some prominent pokies going on after spin class

02.06.2017by: No Cool Handle

It may not have been the hottest day in Los Angeles, but after a long, hot, sweaty spin class, the air proved just brisk enough to get Jessica Alba's nips to stand in full attention. She truly must practice the healthy lifestyle she preaches; at 35, the persistent ability to get, and maintain, erections is the sign of a healthy human being (for the lads, especially). Some resort to desperate measures in order to turn limp pieces of flesh into rock solid sexual objects – Jessica needs only a slight breeze. This biological function has been made all the more impressive because of how easily the topography can be seen, even amidst the void of a jet black sports bra; the nipples are firm and prominent, enough to catch the light. Dark shades, dark hat, dark bra – the whole low-key/inconspicuous thing doesn't work when you're Jessica Alba sporting a pair of glass cutters.

Source: Got Celeb


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