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Jessica Alba gets wet for Vettes in her mommy jeans

07.26.2016by: Droz

You might remember a little while back when we posted some pics of Jessica Alba making mommy jeans look hot for the DL1961 brand, for which she apparently is the new spokes model. Now comes the full spread of Jess doing her thing in said jeans. And yet again the source of maximum hotness in modern day MILFs impresses quite handily. It gets even better when she drops her perfect ass into a classic Vette and switches out denim for leather. We call these mommy jeans. Even the brand itself refers to them that way. However, Jessica is an expert in dressing way farther down for the purposes of facilitating easier motherhood duties. She routinely conceals her awesome bod in the most mundane and utterly unprovocative clothing you've ever witnessed. The camouflage-like results are a surprisingly effective. You'd never know she was probably the sexiest woman in the world in those getups. Only the swarms of paps swirling around her give her away.

Source: DL1961


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