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Jessica Alba gets business sexy in the sand for Allure

08.10.2016by: Droz

One more Jessica Alba post for the day, this one coming to us from Allure magazine where the world's current hottest MILF has herself a strange little spread. I don't quite get the idea here of having Jess roll around in the sand in some sort of sexy business attire. I guess it's supposed to be about the arrival of the Fall season and the associated clothing one might wear during that time. I know enough about regular people clothes to know these aren't summer colors, so I'm gonna go ahead and assume this is the case.

And once again they totally overlooked the real money shots when selecting from the available pool of sexy Jessica pics, as seems to happen way too many times in these sorts of celebrity magazine spreads. I wonder if this exclusion of the really hot pics in a photo shoot is the result of an editorial control deal someone with Jessica's clout might be able to negotiate. So if she doesn't like the way her ass looks in a particular pic, that one gets tossed out. It wouldn't surprise me. Fortunately, the behind-the-scenes video accompanying Jessica's spread lets us take a peek at what we're missing from this Allure spread.

Source: Allure


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