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Jessica Alba doing some hands-free chest compressions

06.17.2016by: No Cool Handle

Whether she's dressing up or dressing down, showing a little or showing a lot, Jessica Alba draws the attention of anyone in visual proximity, even if she can only be seen silhouetted on a distant horizon; she's just that stunning. And then there's moments such as this, when she solidifies her position as the world's hottest MILF, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt [that] there are a few – if any – that can make a show stopping entrance like her. Usually if you want to see much of Alba's perfect body you have to wait for her to embark on the latest bikini getaway; she doesn't always make it a point to show a lot of skin when dressing in her upscale urban attire. This past week has been an exception, though. Someone must have slipped something into her green wise, all-natural, grass fed, organic latte because the past few public appearances she's opted for tops of the low-cut variety. This pink number in particular stands out thanks to that extra added boost given to the ladies. Love it! Love her!

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