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Jessica Alba cinches the title of Hottest Bikini Body during her birthday weekend

04.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor
She may never be an Academy Award winning actress but at least Jessica Alba knows to play to her audience and show off what she does best - wear bikinis with a body that doesn't seem to age. The SIN CITY actress was vacationing in Hawaii this weekend with friends and family, I'm guessing as a celebration of her upcoming 35th birthday (April 28th), looking nearly the exact picture of 2005 INTO THE BLUE self. It's almost impossible to believe that this is the same body that's had a couple of kids and been married for a number of years. While her company might not always be Honest about its business practices, Jess is keeping whatever special diets & lifestyle regimens as such, or perhaps making a deal with the devil because damn. Damn, Damn, DAMN. And she has a couple of new movies set for release this year including DEAR ELEANOR a dramedy directed by Kevin Connolly and MECHANIC:RESURRECTION the sequel to the Jason Statham action film of the same (sorta) name. 
Source: People


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