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Jessica Alba blends in with the younger crowd at The Teen Choice Awards

08.01.2016by: No Cool Handle

Jessica Alba may be the only MILF in the world who can walk amongst the pubescent and be mistaken for one of their own. Sure, she invokes the kind of lustful desires only a mature, ripened woman of her stature can, but on the surface, there isn't a wrinkle nor flaw on her skin to tell tale of Alba's true age. She showed up to the 2016 Teen Choice Awards with a face that would fool even the most mystical carnival Gypsy into under guessing her age by at least 15 years. Other than to make a personal call to end gun violence, I don't know what other capacity she was there for. I'm sure for teenage girls, they see in her a role model, an example, something to aspire to be; and for teenage boys, well ... she's probably popular among them for the same reasons she's popular among men of all ages. Even Peter Pan would come of age for one night of legal happy thoughts with this everlasting hottie.

Source: ns4w


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