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Jessica Alba at the Mechanic: Resurrection premiere should tune your engine

08.23.2016by: No Cool Handle

Surprise!! Jessica Alba looked absolutely stunning for her attendance to the MECHANIC: RESURRECTION premiere – no one saw that coming. For a hottie of Alba's stature, owning the red carpet is like fishing with dynamite; expectations are always met, and more often than not... Exceeded. I would've liked to show my support for her new movie on opening weekend but it'll have to wait. My anticipation for DON'T BREATHE (review) supersedes any other new release. The only reason I'll eventually throw down some dollars for the Jason Statham action franchise is because of the promises made by those promotional pics: Jessica Alba's sand-covered bikini bod in crisp, clean, high resolution digital projection. If all I had to go on was Jason Statham swan diving off a cable car – a shot composed with some dodgy green screen work – I might have waited for a two dollar rental at Red Box.

Source: Got Celeb


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