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Jess Scores #1

09.18.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Take that, all you haters. Jessica Simpson officially has the number one selling country album right now. It placed 4th in the overall Billboard rankings, with James & Lars crypt keepering Metallica to the number one spot. I wouldn't buy either one of their albums as I'm not in the right market to be interested in them. But that thought gives me pause. Isn't it the same market? Testosterone driven redneck males driving V8's with a metal pair of balls hanging from their trailer hitch when not hauling whatever it is that those Pabst-swilling douchebags haul? It takes years to understand why Metallica didn't win the first "Heavy Metal" Grammy, but it's finally sunken in. What was I talking about again? Oh... Jessica's got great tits. There. My job is done.
Source: Reuters


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