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Jess Returns to Football

07.06.2010by: Cherry Liquor

I bet right about now all of you football fans out there are happy that the New Orleans Saints released former tight end Eric Johnson from his contract a couple of years ago (not to mention those of you who might have been fans of his when he played for the 49ers) since word is now coming out that the curse of the 40 yard line, Jessica Simpson, is dating the dude.

Simpson is best known for being referred to as "sexual napalm" by John Mayer, having a weak singing career that supposedly overshadowed younger sister Ashlee's, a movie career where the only box-office love that she receives is from the Russians and the chick who wore a pink jersey to a Cowboys' game and doomed Tony Romo and crew to being forever linked hand-in-hand with mom jeans.

At this point, while I've defended Jess in the past and while I still believe she is by no means as big of a train-wreak as some of the other Hollywood bust-ups out there, I can't help but wonder why people are so concerning with who she's boning. She should just get together with Jennifer Aniston and become the lesbian power couple of the 2010's.

Source: DListed


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