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Jeri Ryan is still a solid 7 of 9 for 50th Anniversary Star Trek at SDCC

07.28.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I don't even want to bother mentioning her age because as far as the world of STAR TREK is concerned the actors within each cast never age, thanks to streaming services, DVD special editions and all of the blatant shilling going on during this 50th Anniversary year for the franchise. One of the panels we missed this week that came out of SDCC last weekend was the meeting of the captains and crew for this monumental period, including getting the chance to check out Jeri Ryan and her age-defying figure that made her such a fixture in young men's fantasies during her time on Voyager. I loved that she was photographed laughing her ass off as William "OG Captain Kirk" Shatner prodded her with a cardboard cutout of the Vulcan salute. Ryan's career has been rather mellow since her time as the sex icon she was on the show, moving about from various TV roles that managed to pay her if not keep her in the main spotlight. Her personal life seemed to take a toll on her outgoing nature, which has been a big bummer. I would have loved to have seen her in the A-lister arena.
Source: Daily Mail


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