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Jennifer Nicole Lee was up to her old bikini tricks again in Miami

05.20.2016by: Cherry Liquor
There was a brief period a few years back when we got a little wrapped up in fitness coach Jennifer Nicole Lee and her bikini tying/untying/public showering/general attention whoring here at Hotties. No, she's never been in a movie or even a TV show that I can figure. She's mainly known for losing 70 pounds, getting muscular, buying implants and then wandering around Miami for these staged bikini "candids" to promote herself. I can't hate on the woman; She certainly is a fit specimen. I've actually kind of missed her goofiness and found myself a little sad that she's ditched the side-tying bikinis for ones that conveniently stay in place better and reduce her to thinking up different poses to get "caught" in. I might even suggest that someone hook her up with my other favorite "hotbody" (hot nobody), Maitland Ward, if only to tighten up those geek loving abs of hers.
Source: Gossip Extra


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