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Jennifer Nicole Lee & her sexy bikini hijinks heat up Miami beaches

06.07.2016by: Cherry Liquor
During the holidays, we have great random photoshoots of Maitland Ward and Bai Ling, both of whom have a knack for embracing the celebratory paraphernalia that go along with those Hallmark dates on the calendar, affixing shamrock pasties for St. Patrick's and pumpkin tassels for Halloween. But the undisputed queen of copious sexy "candids" during the summer is Miami hot body Jennifer Nicole Lee, who cares little for whether or not you think she's a butterface so long as you marvel at the feats her 40-year old physique can accomplish. Yes, she might slip and areola or two from time to time but the ongoing theme in these sets is how powerfully strong and wonderfully fit this formerly overweight mother of two is. Instead of thinking up something negative to say, why not realize that she's the living embodiment of the comment section, where people decry that slovenly people need to work out and eat better and get off their asses. My only complaint is that I miss her strategic retying of the bikini bottom shots, which I always felt were her signature.
Source: TMZ


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