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Jennifer Metcalfe has your Rear of the Year for 2016

07.29.2016by: Droz

How about that? Apparently there is an official Rear of the Year contest, honoring the best in butt owners on an annual basis. I'd never heard of it before today, but they've been handing out awards since the '70s. Seems it's a UK thing, so there's the reason why it's escaped me - that and the fact it's taken them this long to give out their award to Jennifer Metcalfe, who has only been walking around with one of the finest behinds for a decade now. What's the hold up been, RotY people? She should not only be the winner, she should be placed in some kind of hall of fame for fine asses. Sure, she might look like someone's mom in the underwhelming pics from her trophy presentation below, but click her name in the tags list below and peruse our previous coverage of her to understand just how good the ass delights get with Jennifer.


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