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Jennifer Love Hewitt's full Shape spread was worth the wait

02.25.2013by: Salacious Crumb

The rest of Jennifer Love Hewitt's spread from Shape magazine has finally made it to the interwebs, and I say on behalf of JLH enthusiasts everywhere, it's about effing time. I know we just posted 80+ pics of Jennifer on her birthday, but I couldn't hardly wait to share these with you. What, did you think she was just going to go away? I'm pleased to feature J-Love just about any chance I get, but I'm just plain ecstatic to present these particular following images to our readers. Any day we're presented with pics of Jenny-Love bending and stretching is a great one by default, and this time we don't even need to rely on candids. In the magazine, along with some pictures of Jennifer displaying her regular (and oh so awesome) workout moves, Jennifer also shares that she's currently a fan of fellow boobsploitation star Katy Perry. Now, if they could just get her to guest-star on "The Client List", that may be one episode worth checking out.

Jennifer also reveals one of her longtime dream gigs: "I want to be a Bond Girl- the kind with cool fight scenes in bikinis". Well, that may be a bit hopeful these days, but I would easily put some money down on a film revolving around Jennifer in a bikini, kicking some ass with over-the-top sound effects (and by that I mean I would purchase it on home video for "comfortable viewing"). For now, we'll have to settle for the 2nd season of "The Client List", which at the very least will make for some tastey screencaps. In fact, you may just find some from the new promo at the bottom of the page. Happy scrolling, everyone!


Extra Tidbit: That last pic makes two of the best selling points I have ever laid eyes on.


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