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Jennifer Lopez's butt sparkles like a great big, beautiful jewel

03.22.2016by: Droz

I wonder what will become of Jennifer Lopez once American Idol blessedly exits the airwaves for all time? That can't come too soon, but poor J-Lo. She's gonna be left with nothing but hundreds of millions of dollars and pretty much anything she could ever want at her fingertips 24/7. Let's all wish her the best in this time of uncertainty. You know, it's fascinating how after all these years since Jennifer's debut, with multiple albums, movies and TV shows to her credit, it's still dat ass which remains her one and only source of viable entertainment for me. After all the controversy and media spectacle, despite all the bad press and the resentful ire of countless people she's rubbed the wrong way - that big, beautiful thing still so perfectly smooths over all problems with how I might perceive her. It's an impressively persuasive ass.

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