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Jennifer Lopez shows off her booty on red carpets

01.19.2017by: Droz

It seems winter is the time of year when celebs are expected to get in touch with the public and the press at large. That's is why you have things like TCA panels and award shows honoring the opinions of various press and editorial types as well as the people as a whole, all coming one after another around this time of year. Jennifer Lopez hasn't always been the darling of either those lots in her steadily lengthening time on the scene. She's done her fair share of dumb or just assholish things which put her in bad standing with both press and public alike. Yet she seems to somehow keep herself relevant and in demand with both those groups, no matter if the endeavor be new albums, movies, or TV shows.

I don't know what's keeping most people agreeable with J-Lo, but for me it's always gonna be dat ass. Doesn't matter what other annoying crap she might have done or may yet to do. She brings her butt out like she did for the various press and award show happenings here, and all is forgiven. I can't deny such offerings.

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