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Jennifer Lopez showcases her famous booty in some snug leggings

10.17.2016by: No Cool Handle

When designers are working on a new line of spandex – or any form of tight leggings – do they put them through a series of durability tests? Is a notoriously large ass, like the one attached to Jennifer Lopez, taken into account? It makes me think of a scene from THE HUDSUCKER PROXY, where the only thing stopping Paul Newman from falling to his demise was the strength of the inseam – a double stitch being the one thing that saved his life. To accommodate those hips-of-great-width, you have to imagine that some form of high tension wire would be better suited to hold everything together, not just your typical thread. Perhaps I'm exaggerating, everything in this set of images appears copacetic (too bad); all that booty tucked neatly away and looking fine. Still, it'd be an interesting bit of trivia, knowing how many tight pairs of pants Jennifer Lopez, with the aid of her colossal can, has split.

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