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Jennifer Lopez just turned 46, but you wouldn't know it by the sight of her

07.27.2015by: Droz

I'm old enough to have a number of folks in their late 40s amidst my circle of friends and colleagues. So I can say with some authority that very few such people are preserving their appearance the way Jennifer Lopez is. Just check her out on her big 46th b-day bash, where the notorious diva was showing off her goods in a tight, see thru number. No sight of those troublesome bulges, sags, wrinkles and other assorted imperfections which begin to become a way of life for those who enter her stage of life. Sure, a lot of that sort of thing can be remedied with the kind of cash J-Lo can brag on. All those folks I know aren't making their scratch from looking good for millions of adoring yet fickle fans either. Who knows what kind of intense effort is required of Jenny to maintain this kind of preservation. Could be a significant amount of her vast fortune going into that. Hey, if it works, it works. I'd still gladly have at her all these years later. That might be the best thing I can say about her, but it's enough for this site.

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