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Jennifer Lopez has been trading booty shots for booby shots lately

05.20.2016by: Cherry Liquor
While I sometimes wonder where the hell Jennifer Lopez gets all of her money, I'm never uncertain about how hot she can be when putting those dollars to work. Lopez's latest triumph was being a judge on "American Idol" during the show's lowest ratings ever, putting out music that people use for parody videos and bombing every major motion picture that has put her in the lead the past 12 years or so, save those animated flicks that would have thrived without her. (OK, fine, that horror BOY NEXT DOOR movie did decent business for a film released in the box office Siberia that is late January.) Now that Jen needs to make sure those dollars are rolling in, she's busy promoting "Shades of Blue," the cop/narc drama series that she developed over at NBC, putting her cleavage front and center at NBC's Upfronts. I've noticed that Lopez has been showing a lot more tit lately, something she had little of earlier in her career when she was banking on that ass. So I guess she is diversifying. 
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