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Jennifer Lopez got her big booty terminally bombed

05.28.2015by: Droz

On one hand, I kind of feel for Jennifer Lopez and her little run in at LAX with a mischievous clown character who likes to douse celebs in confetti. After all, part of a celeb's job is to look good as often as possible. I'm sure it fills them with dread to be humiliated like that before swarms of paparazzi. It's also kind of shitty thing to do at the airport. That's already a tense enough place as it is. You got your TSA bullshit and all the nonsense that comes with dealing with airlines, not mention the added stress of being followed around by who knows what kind of strange people like most celebs are either coming in or leaving from that airport.

Then again, it was just confetti. It could have been a pie to the face or a shower of mystery fluid. Apart from a little extra color in her sweater, the American Idol judge looks fairly unscathed. Her ass certainly came out of it just fine. I'm also perfectly okay with notorious divas being brought down a peg or two on their pompous ladders. It does them good to be reminded that they're still human beings.

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