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Jennifer Lopez gives us the perfect side view of her glorious T&A

01.05.2016by: Droz

I know there are plenty of criticisms you might lob at Jennifer Lopez. I feel the same on quite a few of those topics. Even with all those perceived issues one might have with her, it's hard to argue against some of Jen's talents. Girl can sing, girl can act, girl can position herself in just the right way, so that both her ass and her tits get shown off to the camera paps at once. It should come as no surprise to you that the last skill there is my favorite of Jennifer's talents. She figured that one out before all the movies and the shows and the albums. For years we've seen her deliver us delicious side shots like these of her well proportioned points poking out of her frequently super tight gear. For me, many of those aforementioned criticisms used to overrule the goodness of moments like these, but now I find myself less and less interested in being critical of Jennifer. As long as J-Lo has dat ass to show off, I'm content to ignore the rest.

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