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Jennifer Lopez gave A-Rod something to look at on date night

03.17.2017by: No Cool Handle

When checking out the latest set of Jennifer Lopez images, you intuitively avert your eyes to her famous backside – it's practically become an involuntary reaction. So, it's easy to understand why we sometimes forget she has a pretty nice pair of legs, as well. No one has to tell Alex Rodriguez; the guy spent an entire evening salivating over them while on a dinner date in Miami. A-Rod may be the ballplayer in the relationship but Jennifer Lopez is the one known for playing the field. Here I was thinking she's still shacking up with Drake, and all of the sudden, Rodriguez is pinch-hitting. I heard Jennifer Lopez say in an interview [that] she's a romantic; she believes there's someone out there you're meant to spend the rest of your life with. I find that amusing considering the amount high profile celebrity relationships which have come and gone. You would think the "musical chairs" manner in which she goes through dudes would skew those kind of romantic notions, leaving her much more cynical. By the time her next write-up comes around, it will be about how hot she looked while eloping with Johnny Depp.

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