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Jennifer Lopez figured out one way to boost the ratings on her new TV show

08.30.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I was under the impression that Jennifer Lopez's cop drama, "Shades of Blue," didn't perform that well in its first season. However, judging by the fact that the cast is back on set, shooting the second season with an expected air date of January 2017, I suppose such is not the case. If JLo herself is worried about it, she's being rather proactive on the matter, making sure that her sensible cop attire is see-through when the paps come to sneak onto the set and get some behind-the-scenes pics. Now, I might be enticed to watch the show simply because it has Ray Liotta in it. However, if it wasn't just another trite concept that's been played over and over again without any hope of us seeing Jen get nude or drop some F-bombs, as NBC just can't deliver to us, I miiiiiiight... but it's not. So I doubt I will.
Source: Hollywood Life


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