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Jennifer Lopez brought her booty to Barneys

01.09.2017by: Droz

I'm not sure what prompted Jennifer Lopez to enter a posh store like Barneys of New York wearing something that looks like she just came from the gym. You'd think a classy, high price joint like that would demanded a bit more sophistication from its clientele. Then again, I'm sure they're willing to make any kind of accommodations necessary to please the gazillionaire pop star who could drop several grand there in one go without blinking an eye. Anyway, we should be grateful they have such a double standard, since it once again gives us some great views of J-Lo's tremendous assets. Who would have thought all these years later we'd still be drooling over dat ass? Certainly not me. The staying power of Jen's fine ass is one unlikely outcome I'm quite pleased to accept and embrace.

Source: GotCeleb


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