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Jennifer Lopez brings out that booty to begin putting Idol to bed forever

02.26.2016by: Droz

So nice to hear they're finally putting down American Idol for good, something they should have done years ago. That's Fox for you. Make it to the top of the ratings a few times and they'll keep renewing your show till the end of time. Garner mild ratings from a niche of rabid fans and they'll cancel your ass before the 1st season is over. I think we all know what show I'm getting at. Anyway, Jennifer Lopez was there for a finalists party last night, showing off that nicely preserved bod of hers in a plunging, see thru, sparkly outfit. We're all aware of the quality of J-Lo's booty, but these pics demonstrate the equally impressive state of her titties. I wonder what kind of magical rejuvenation formula she uses to keep those boobs looking high school girl quality smooth and perky. Whatever her secret, it's clearly working. J-Lo is still hot from front to back.

Source: NSFW


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