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Jennifer Lopez and her T & A display

11.23.2015by: No Cool Handle

Jennifer Lopez is taking the current trend of the cut out dress to its evolutionary plateau. Seriously, where else can you go from here? There's so many cuts over her notoriously giant ass that the only thing left covered is the crack. The only part of her we don't get some glimpse of is her fully shrouded legs. Her stomach, her back and about 30% of her boobs are shown in front of the bright flashing lights of a hundred clicking cameras.

I actually have a hard time getting through award shows; even these big ones like the American Music Awards, but, I'm happy there are so many of them. Even though the shows themselves are always lackluster, they are a great excuse for the upper echelon of super-hot starlets to blur the line between good taste and overt sexuality. Some props have to be given to this sex symbol for being 46 and defying the gravitational consequences that usually accompany such an age. That ass is still shapely.

Source: hawtcelebs


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