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Jennifer Lawrence was among a few hotties who hit the streets in tight jeans

04.06.2015by: Droz

You see a lot of different fashions wrapped around the hotties we feature here, but it's hard to beat a nice set of tight jeans. They do amazing things for the female form. Even if the hottie in question doesn't have that great a body, somehow all that stitched denim has the magical ability to reshape her otherwise unremarkable ass into something much more appealing. Of course, the ladies here don't have to worry so much about having not so great bodies. It's a well known fact that vast portions of the globe all lust after Erin Heatherton, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence thanks to their individual hot bodies. That makes it even nicer of them to hit the streets in this most classic form of hot body ice breaker. Nice pants, ladies.

Source: NSFW


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