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Jennifer Lawrence was all smiles an sex appeal for Fallon

05.24.2016by: Droz

Jennifer Lawrence has a lot to be happy about. She's got a new X-MEN movie coming out, wherein she plays Mystique, potentially for the last time. Although something tells me that if they threw a shit ton of money at her to do a Mystique stand alone movie, kinda like they just did with Daniel Craig, she would probably be much more keen on accepting. Not many wouldn't. If that's not happy enough for you, there are all the other awesome things happening in her life. Let's be honest, if you had your choice of a life to embody, you could do a lot worse than Jen's. I'd even accept being a fly on her wall. Imagine the sights you would see, like Jennifer dancing her booty off in the nude - the goodness of which you can kinda get a hint at right here.

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