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Jennifer Lawrence took her cleavage out to the Tape Club in London

05.10.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I have to wonder what Emma Thompson would have to say about Jennifer Lawrence. She doesn't have any proper training in the acting field and she's been given some pretty monumental roles (her first Oscar nomination for WINTER'S BONE came when she was only 20 years old) but at the same time, Lawrence has been described by many of her co-stars as being an "old soul." And she doesn't subscribe to the social media blitz that Thompson was bemoaning when talking about the issue at an event for British Academy Award winners this past week. In fact, Jen's former long-time boyfriend was a properly trained young British lad who didn't seem to have a problem with his girlfriend's lack of training. (Then again, I wouldn't complain about much if I got the kind of texts from her that he did.) While JLaw has been in London promoting X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, she took some time to slip into a lingerie-styled dress and pop into the Tape Club for some fun, posting none of it to Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat or the Beelzebub Lounge, whatever is coming next for these crazy me-me-me youngin's. I'm sure she didn't busy herself comparing Oscar scores with Emma (although 1 outta four to 2 outta four isn't peanuts). 
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