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Jennifer Lawrence takes attention from the bride at her friends wedding

06.03.2016by: No Cool Handle

Do you ever wonder what being best buds with someone as famous as Jennifer Lawrence is like? - the benefits, the pitfalls? Yeah, me neither... that is until I began inspecting these pics of the renowned hottie attending her best friends wedding. I couldn't help but wonder if it proved difficult for the blushing bride to share so much of the attention on this, her special day. At what point did she realize no one was engaging with the ceremonial goings-on because they were all planning the moment when they could grab a selfie with JLaw? As if this conundrum wasn't enough, Ms. Lawrence made it worse by deciding to leave her bra in the dresser draw; if her fame wasn't a liability before, hobnobbing with her high beams on certainly did the attention-stealing trick. You should enjoy looking at her chest erections as much as everyone at that wedding most assuredly did.

Source: hawtcelebs


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