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Jennifer Lawrence shows a little tight thigh action for some lucky German

11.02.2015by: Droz

I can't say who the lucky Jerry was enjoying the good fortunate of receiving Jennifer Lawrence wearing a tight black number with the thigh high boot things and the ample thighs showing. Whoever he may be, I hate his guts. Seriously, does one's night get any better than this? You're doing something totally meaningless by comparison and then in walks Jennifer with her sexy everything enhanced all special for your viewing pleasure. Of course, I can't say for certain why she's wearing this getup, but something tells me its for more than just drinks with a friend. Whatever the story, if I were the guy Jennifer was dressing up this way for, I'd be swelling with newfound confidence and pride in my own self worth. That's the kind of effect Jennifer has got to have on a guy.

Source: NSFW


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