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Jennifer Lawrence looked more like Storm than Mystique at the X-Men premiere

05.09.2016by: Droz

I appreciate Jennifer Lawrence bringing the sideboob and the curvy bod in her elegant dress at the X-MEN: APOCALYPSE premiere. I'll take as much of this as she can dole out. What I can't understand is the thinking behind this styling trend wherein young women are dyeing their hair grey, as Jen was doing. Is there some secret desire among young women to temporary fast-forward to their 50s, when such a hair change heralds the quickening of one's steady march to the grave? I can't imagine this is the case. Maybe they've just gone through all the other colors Clairol has available and don't want to look like they're stuck in some played out fashion trend. So they go with the only other option available, namely college liberal arts professor grey. I definitely prefer her with the red Mystique hair. Unfortunately, it seems we're not going to get as much of that red hair or Mystique's blue skin in APOCALYPSE. I guess Jen didn't feel like doing the extensive makeup sessions required of her in the previous X-MEN movies. That sucks, but I can't blame her. As nice as her ass looked in all that makeup, I'm sure it was more of a pain in the ass to Jen. Fortunately, they seem to be taking steps to make sure Mystique brings the sexy in other ways.

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