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Jennifer Lawrence knows exactly what we want to see

05.12.2016by: Cherry Liquor

While Jennifer Lawrence was in London for all of that X-MEN: APOCALYPSE promotion, she slinked into the premiere wearing a tight white dress and then treated herself to a bit of fun during her down time, taking her cleavage for a spin on the dance floor. Apparently she also stopped for one of those close-up photo sessions they refer to as "photocalls" and made those adorable faces of hers that we all love her for. The wiggling hand gesture might be a little too much for those faint of heart JLaw lovers, bringing you one step closer to more vivid dreams (because you'll never get to actually BE with her).

Of course, you'll also never get the chance to experience Jen's crotch attack skills either. Sophie Turner, who plays a young Jean Grey in the upcoming mutant movie, told an interviewer recently about a below-the-belt experience with the Oscar winner.

"She punched me in the vagina once. I didn't even ask her either. It just happened," Turner said, explaining, "Evan and I were having a fake fight and I said something like, 'I'll c*nt punch you' or 'I'll punch you in the crotch,' and then Jen thought that I said, 'Please c*nt punch me Jen.' She punched me in the vagina and I was like, 'Awesome.' It was pretty funny." And if any of you are wondering if chicks really do that kind of thing - yes, yes we do. 

Source: Daily MailE Online


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