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Jennifer Lawrence is a gift that keeps on giving

05.16.2016by: Cherry Liquor
It's pretty easy to be in love with Jennifer Lawrence. She's funny, smart, talented and one of those low-maintenance personalities that you hope to find in your own personal squad of girls and dudes. She's also rich and famous, which means that very little is off limits to her. And even with all of the shit she had to endure from The Fappening a couple years ago, she's still a resilient, tough broad who doesn't let the paparazzi hounding her make a dent in her general demeanor. While leaving the GLAAD Media Awards in Manhattan over the weekend, wearing a tight black t-shirt that would have made 2003 Anne Hathaway proud, Jennifer ended up flashing us once more when the paps' flashlights caught another glimpse of those million dollar boobs. And while many will be titillated (pun intended) by the images, in reality most of us should have figured out what Lawrence seems to; They're just tits. Awesome tits, but still. 
Source: Daily Mail


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