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Jennifer Lawrence helps make our planet beautiful

04.18.2016by: Droz

Jennifer Lawrence was on hand for the premiere of her movie A BEAUTIFUL PLANET, a documentary chronicling life on board the ISS and all the beautiful sights that come with that, which she narrates. Jen just keeps coming up with more and more reasons for me to love and appreciate her. I too have a passion for space and space travel, which means I should go see this. These kinds of movies are also the only reason to opt for 3D as well. They utilize it so much better than your average Hollywood blockbuster. It might also be nice to listen to Jennifer speak throughout the whole thing. Although it's obviously much more fun to look at her. Speaking of that, I'm rather amazed how accepting I am of Jennifer's recent platinum blonde thing. That would normally piss me off, but I'm kinda into her here. It gives her an ethereal quality that makes her look like an angel.

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