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Jennifer Lawrence has few equals in the beauty department

09.30.2016by: Droz

Websites, TV shows, magazines, and whatnot have spent the last few weeks marveling at the amazing similarities between Jennifer Lawrence and her seeming doppelganger Haley Bennett. They do bear a striking similarity. In fact, I've been kinda wishing they would start hanging out together just to see what that would look like. However, after seeing these pics of Jen out at the Dior event at Paris Fashion Week, it becomes clear that similar doesn't equate to superior. Jen takes the looks prize over Haley and frankly most other hotties in Hollywood right now. Yeah, she did have a bit of a awkward period in her early 20s, but her mid to late 20s seem to have sorted that all out. Girl not only rules the roost as an actress and Hollywood player, but also as the present day face to beat where beauties go. Just amazing.

Source: NSFW


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