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Jennifer Lawrence gets quite baggy but still looks beautiful

12.01.2016by: Droz

I've never understood women's fascination with handbags. I see my girlfriend totally lose her shit at the sight of these things and it always leaves me mystified. She's probably spent thousands of dollars on purses, into which she stuffs seemingly impossible amounts of crap. She shames magicians in the way she can pull impossibly large objects from a small handbag. What the hell is this? I suspect some carry over from our more primitive gatherer days, when women were in constant need of new, versatile ways of bringing berries and nuts and roots back to the village for consumption. Same premise, just updated for a new millennium.

Anyway, if you're a woman on the hunt for a really expensive bag, Jennifer Lawrence and Dior have a few options for you. I guess these are good. I wouldn't know. There's one obvious person to consult on that, but I haven't shown these pics to her, for good reason. But I'm sure if I did, she'd get that glassy, wide-eyed look in her eyes again. I have those eyes now as I look at these pics, but it don't have nothing to do with the purses. That's all about Jennifer. Girl is the most beautiful bag of them all.

Source: Dior


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