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Jennifer Lawrence does summer in the NYC in Daisy Duke style

06.11.2015by: Cherry Liquor
It's kinda funny how everyone still refers to cut-off denim shorts as "Daisy Dukes" when most people don't even get the original pop culture reference. (Catherine Bach, what a babe.) Still, that isn't going to deter me from appreciating the view of Jennifer Lawrence strolling through New York City in her signature laid-back off-the-clock style (I love me some red carpet JLaw as well, but she's still sensational when she's casual). Neither is the question mark in my head over those hair extensions she's got these days. After cutting her hair late in 2013, claiming that the shorn locks were due to some severe damage, the Oscar winner has been growing out that original pixie cut but I know hair doesn't grow quite that fast, even with a world's supply of biotin at her fingertips. Perhaps Jen is holding on to a Mystique wig or two, as X-MEN: APOCALYPSE continues filming in Montreal, although the only thing on my mind about that film is MOAR QUICKSILVER!!! Sorry, Evan Peters pretty much stole the last film for me. 
Source: Daily Mail


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